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Biopharmaceutical:The application of biological technology research to the development of pharmaceutical products that improve human health, animal health, and agriculture.

Biopharmaceuticals could revolutionise the prevention and treatment of diseases such as cancer, HIV, inflammatory disease, coronary arterial disease and genetic diseases that currently are incurable or have inadequate treatments. The relative infancy and complexity of the science of biopharmaceuticals present considerable challenges in demonstrating product safety and efficacy.

A scientific and rational approach to biopharmaceutical product development is crucial. There should be particular focus on the unique characteristics of the product together with an understanding of the current regulatory environment. Such an approach can add value to a product and prevent performance of inappropriate studies or the need to repeat studies later on in the product development process.

Biopharmaceutical products can been class as following:

1.Blood and tissue products
2.Gene and somatic cell therapy products
3.Monoclonal antibodies
4.Recombinant proteins
5.Synthetic polypeptides and nucleotides